TRINOVA was established to provide professional director, consultancy and substance services. Our team of experts have a range of complementary diversified backgrounds and experiences unique to the market. Our professional independent directors are industry leaders selected to ensure that their competences and skills match todays demanding regulatory environment. Our consultancy is a complementary advisory service, the aims of which are to enable set-up or evolution in partnership with our clients and stakeholders. Our support optimization solutions enable associates to boost productivity, dramatically improve efficiency and quickly resolve complex technology support issues.


We Are Known For Independence, Preparation & Efficiency


Our independent directors are industry professionals with significant experience, selected to match todays demanding boards.


The aim of our consultancy service is to provide complementary advisory expertise and support.


Our support optimization solutions improve and efficiently serve
directors and clients.


Our associates optimize their experience through continual education, staying involved in the industry and providing complementary consultancy services to our clients. We also perform reasonable diligence on the individual(s) who will be appointed as a director or consultant, to ensure they have the capacity and support to actively manage their relationships.


We Are A Provider Of Independent Directors

Our panel of independent directors cover a wide range of professional skills and backgrounds, including portfolio management, risk management, compliance, operations, legal, tax, corporate change, technology and marketing.

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    Email: a.foley@trinovagroup.com

    Phone: +352 284 803 33 - 161

    Mobile: +352 661 404047

    Allen Foley - Trinova S.A. - Luxembourg
    Managing Partner & Independent Director
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    Email: t.nummer@trinovagroup.com

    Phone: +352 284 803 33 - 162

    Mobile: +352 661 404057

    Thomas Nummer - Trinova S.A. - Luxembourg
    Managing Partner & Independent Director
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    Email: m.koster@trinovagroup.com

    Phone: +352 284 803 33 - 163

    Mobile: +352 661 404067

    Independent Director
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    Email: l.diener@trinovagroup.com

    Phone: +352 284 803 33

    Mobile: +41 796 107 456

    Independent Director
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    Email: c.obright@trinovagroup.com

    Phone: +352 284 803 33

    Mobile: +352 621 610 892

    Christine O’Bright
    Independent Director
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    Email: j.wald@trinovagroup.com

    Phone: +352 284 803 33 - 165

    Office Manager


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